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Afterschool Program

Music Changing Lives partners with various schools to provide students with a safe, enriching environment from 3PM - 6PM. Our Afterschool Program offers students the following components:


  1. One hour of homework help to complete daily academic assignments.

  2. Two hours dedicated towards standards-based enrichment programs that engage students in various artistic subjects. Students are also mentored in college and career preparation, the importance of civic engagement, and tips for stage performance as part of each program. 



Our music program offers students with a diverse, comprehensive music education. In groups, students learn to play an instrument and read sheet music with a skilled instructor. After learning the basics, students choose and practice a song to perform for the Changing Lives Showcase auditions. 



Young artists will explore drawing and painting with acrylic, tempera, watercolor, and more.  Students will experiment with colors, shapes, and texture to create their own masterpieces. In addition, students will be introduced to various artists and learn to create pieces through different art styles. 



Throughout the course of the program, students practice breathing techniques, learn about vocal health, analyze song lyrics, and more. Vocal students are required to bring an instrumental version of a song they would like to record over and are given the opportunity to record and produce their own professional song. 


Disc Jockey

Students learn the essential skills needed to DJ: beat making, drop mixing, the basics of scratching, and more. Students learn on various equipment, such as Pioneer DJ turntables.


Audio Engineering

Students will learn audio engineering basics using Logic Pro X. An instructor will introduce students to vocabulary terms such as EQ, compressor, distortion, and reverb, and teach plug-ins such as Drummer Track, Loop Bowers, Alchemy, Ultrabeat, and more. Students will also be introduced to Distrokid, a digital music distribution service that will give them the opportunity to put their music into online stores and streaming services. 


Students are introduced to the history of dance and practice stretching techniques, formations, body control, and improvisation. Students also learn about choreography, allowing them to develop their own performance piece for the Changing Lives Showcase. 

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