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Music Changing Lives (MCL) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing music, art, and tutoring programs in America’s public schools and community centers while raising awareness about the importance of enrichment programs as part of each child’s comprehensive education and lifestyle.

We believe music and art are fundamental components of human culture and behavior. Many students living in underserved communities have little or no access to the arts due to reductions in funding. The knowledge of the arts is very important because it is an irreplaceable means of self-expression and helps students understand others in different ways. There is a dire need to empower minority and low-income youth through arts education by going beyond an integrated classroom approach.


Our Story

Music Changing Lives began in 1998 when CEO and Founder, Josiah Bruny, created a studio in his home in Moreno Valley, CA, where he taught young musicians how to record and copyright their own music. Mr. Bruny worked for some of the greatest stars in the music industry such as Master P and Ice Cube and learned the “ins and outs” of business in order to develop Music Changing Lives into the organization it is today.

Mr. Bruny was determined to open the way for independent artists within our communities. He pulled youth who were at risk of dropping out of school and exposed to gang violence, drugs, and crime off the streets and taught them the power of music. By also providing them with pathways to entrepreneurial success, these students were able to change their lives and become wonderful and independent leaders.

Mr. Bruny also provided opportunities for developing emotional maturity through the creative arts. What started as a one-room studio inside his home garage has today grown into a robust after school program, serving more than 300 youth in three community centers and four schools throughout Riverside and San Bernardino County.

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