Our Programs


Our music program offers students a comprehensive music education.  Private and group instrumental lessons are provided for guitar, piano, recorder, and voice. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of individual. The instructional objectives emphasize deeper understanding of musical concepts including singing, playing, listening, rhythm, and movement, composing, creating, and performing. Through their deeper understanding, students will be able to demonstrate the ability to apply artistic criteria for making musical decisions.

Art & Design

Art & Design courses offer students a total immersion of the arts. The art & design program allow students to learn and develop creative and artistic skills as an important part of self-expression. Students participate in a variety of art activities based on experience, knowledge, expression, drawing, and design. In addition, each student is given opportunities to contribute to the community through the display of individual art media in aesthetic environments.

Composing and Production

Composing and Production curriculum covers all phases of recording music and post-production, from cutting edge digital systems to large format mixing consoles. MCL’s lab features Digidesigns Pro Tools systems, allowing students to experience industry-standard technology from the moment they enter the program. Students are taught how to compose, record, and produce their own masterpieces.

Afterschool Program

Music Changing Lives’ afterschool program offers students the following components: 1) An hour of homework help to complete daily academic assignments; and extra credit packets 2) two hours dedicated towards standards-based enrichment clubs which engage students in various subjects such as: college/career preparation, public policy, art, music, and drama. With a combination of targeted academic intervention and positive youth development strategies, Music Changing Lives is uniquely positioned to help ensure that these students not only succeed academically but also become lifelong contributors to society and our future.

Performance Competition

At the completion of the 21-week program, students who have successfully fulfilled all program requirements are eligible to compete in a performing arts competition to showcase their talents. Students will create either a musical production, disc jockey performance, a dance performance, a visual arts piece, or a lyrical piece. This is a friendly competition that will encourage the young to put their best foot forward. Competition is good among the youth because it helps them understand that they always should try their best to achieve their goals. The young artists will compete before their peers, family, educators, dignitaries and their community. Celebrity guest judges will evaluate the artworks and select the winners in each of the specified categories.