"Changing lives one note at a time."

Our Mission

The mission of Music Changing Lives is to offer the highest quality music and art enrichment programs to underprivileged and at-risk youth, between the ages of 5-19, helping them improve their chances of achieving a positive and successful future.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Music Changing Lives (MCL) is to give underserved children the opportunity to engage musically and artistically through our programs, while reinforcing the need to stay in school and focus on their education and their future. Our key programs include music lessons, art lessons, tutoring, mentoring, financial literacy and cultural experiences as incentive programs.

We believe music and art are fundamental components of human culture and behavior.  Sadly, many students living in the underserved communities we serve have little or no access to the arts due to the reduction in funding. There is a dire need to empower minority and low-income youth through arts education by going beyond an integrated classroom approach.

Our Programs

We believe that music and art are vital for young people to become

well-rounded and productive individuals within society.